We continually update this page with “expertly” selected newborn baby girl gift ideas (our 2 and 4 year old daughters have helped us)! If you have a great gift idea for newborns not listed below please feel free to share it using the message form at the bottom of this page! Thanks for stopping by today and good luck shopping!

Editor’s Pick:

Maine “Rocking Dory” Boat

maine-dory-rocking-boat-girl-2The Maine Rocking Dory takes a nautical spin on the classic rocking horse. While it may take a few months for baby to build up the strength to support him or herself, it won’t be long! These hand made rocking boats are built with pride and are an excellent addition to nautical themed nurseries or playrooms. When baby is a little bigger, he or she will enjoy ours and hours of active time rocking back and forth on this high quality piece. Learn more about Maine Rocking Dory Boats here.

Musical Water Globes and Music Boxes

newborn baby and 1 year old gift ideasIf you’re looking for an heirloom quality water globe or “snow globe” for a newborn or young child, check out our friends at MusicalBoxAttic.com. Music Box Attic offers a huge selection of snowglobes and water globes for children and adults of all ages. They also have jewelry boxes and other great personalized gifts. They can even custom manufacture a music box with a song of your choice! Free Ground Shipping Coupon from MusicBoxAttic.com with code “fs100”! Shop with us Today!

Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar by Bright Starts

My wife and I first learned about this seemingly simple little toy while visiting the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut last month. Another family overheard our “very fussy” 3 month old and shared their experience with their own fussy son who was now 6 months. They said the only thing they could find to soothe him and keep him entertained while he was in his car seat or stroller was the Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar (sure enough, their son was in his carrier playing away happily with his carrier toy bar). We decided to purchase the toy through Amazon and our 3 month old (now 4 months old) absolutely loves it. We tested it out on his car seat during a 4 hour round trip last weekend and he literally would spin the frog, turtle and mirror elements over and over again, giggling all the way down the road. We also spoken with some of the other local moms and dads and they have shared similar experiences with this toy. They are also available at Target and Wal-Mart and come in both standard and pastel colors.

Inexpensive Gifts Under $15:

Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle/Foot Finder Set ($12):
My younger daughter absolutely loves these little guys! The Gardenbug Foot Finder and Wrist Rattle Set encourages discovery! Bright patterns and faces with fun sounds reward exploration. These little guys are ideal for developing hand-to-eye coordinator skills too!

Sophie the Giraffe: Newborn Playtoy

best newborn gifts christmas birthdayWe’re not exactly sure what it is about the Sophie the Giraffe toy but all three of our kids absolutely loved her when they were little. Made in France, these cute little “squeaking” rubber giraffes will provide hours of entertainment to the newborn on your Christmas, birthday or baby shower shopping list. Sophie the Giraffe is a highly recommended toy and has received thousands of positive reviews on the internet. It is available through most major retailers. If you order today through Magic Cabin, you’ll receive $10 Off Orders of $50+ Use Code: LSMCTENOFF.

Baby’s First Photo Album of Family and Friends ($14.95):
Babies love looking at photos of their family and friends and this album allows up to 15 pages of pictures of the baby’s “favorite” people! This bright, contrasting album has wipeable vinyl pages and helps baby’s developing visual skills. The album also comes complete with a handy loop that can be used to attach the book to a crib or car seat.

Sassy Baby’s First Rattle and Teether 5 Piece Gift Set ($14.99):
This 5-piece gift pack of rattles and teethers is a great introductory set and supplies the fun, educational, and engaging features that babies need in early, developmental months. Each toy on its own provides a feast of color, texture, sound, and movement to stimulate baby’s senses and encourage development. This item is available at most major retailers.

Smartphone Talking Monkey

talking monkey gift ideaThe Smartphone Talking Monkey from the Sharper Image is one of the funniest toys we’ve seen in a long time. Simply plug this monkey into the headphone jack of your smartphone, iPad or similar device and the monkey’s mouth will move in sync to the person speaking or the song being played. This gift is perfect for young children when playing audio books and nursery rhymes. When the kids aren’t playing with it, mom and dad will get a lot of mileage out of the talking monkey when they plug it into their phones at the office (just don’t get caught). Imagine the fun bringing one of these talking monkey’s into a conference room and plugging it in when your boss is talking to the group over the speaker phone! You can purchase this popular gift through the Sharper Image website and Get Free Shipping on any order at SharperImage.com $50 and over! Use code AFFRSHP..

Baby’s First Crib/Floor Mirror ($15):
Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror! The Sassy Crib and Floor mirror inspires baby’s vision, touch, exploration and communication and manipulation skills with high contrast colors, character faces and simple patterns and realistic forms. Includes high contrast tracker ball for visual stimulation and perception. Textures and fun characters of lady bug and butterfly keep baby’s attention. Textured leaves offer fun peek-a-boo play.

The “Sleepy Sheep” Sleep Sheep on the Go ($18):
The Sleep Sheep (or “Sleepy Sheep” as I like to call it) lulls newborns into a restful, relaxing nap or night of sleep. This soft, adorable and compact sleep time pal plays calming sounds and is highly rated among parents and great for home or on-the-go use anywhere baby needs a little extra help drifting into dreams.

Jungle Gym Baby Mat ($25):
The Merry Monkey Gym features a plush, softly padded mat that appliqu├ęd with an oversized, adorable monkey. Baby can pull its ears, which make a crinkly sound that babies like, and feel its nubby nose, as well as explore the other soft textures on the mat. And because babies are fascinated with bold, contrasting imagery and with facial features, the infant will also like looking at the monkey’s big, black-and-white eyes.

A Custom Made Puzzle with the Child’s Name ($25):
These puzzles make great “decorations” until the child is old enough to play with them (see manufacturer’s website for recommended ages). Children love to see and spell their names and absolutely adore these puzzles! Each puzzle piece is handcrafted, painted with non-toxic paints and sized just right for children’s busy hands. Any one of these “Made in USA” customized name puzzles make a great Personalized Baby Gift. You can order these puzzles online through You Name It Toys.

The Original “Daddy Doll” ($25):
The perfect gift from the parent, grandparent, or other relative that will be away from a child for an extended period of time (military deployment, business trips, merchant seaman, airline pilot, etc.). “Daddy Dolls” allow you to take pictures of yourself (or someone else) and have the image scanned into a doll for the child. I had one made for each of my children (ages 2, and 4) and they absolutely love them! You also have the option of recording a message for the child that they can listen to by pushing a button. For more information, or to order a “Daddy Doll” click here.

Great Gifts Between $25 and $50:

Nursery Farm Bath Towel Wraps ($29):
These towels are great for younger children and our 2 and 4 year old girls love them! Best of all, you can have the child’s name stitched into the towels as well! Very cool! L.L. Bean used to sell something similar to these towel but I don’t see them on their website anymore. Instead, you can order these directly from the Pottery Barn Kids website.

Cool Gifts Over $50:

Classic Sterling Silver Baby Rattle ($60):
For baby showers, birthdays, and christenings, this adorable baby rattle is a cherished keepsake for the new baby. The rattle is crafted from fine sterling silver and buffed to a polished finish. The beaded border on the ends of the handle adds a subtle accent, perfect for a little boy or a little girl! The rattle can also be engraved on the handle. This selection in presented in a green gift box, ready for delivery to friends and family.

Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo ($125):
The toddler on your list is going to absolutely love this toy! The price may seem a bit step, but this exceptionally rated product is not only durable, it will also provide the child on your shopping list with many many hours of quality educational play time!

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