The Top Christmas Gifts for 2015

Gift ideas for Christmas and Birthdays!

We continually update this page with the hottest gift ideas and trends for 2 year old girls. If you have a great gift idea for this age group please feel free to share it using the message form at the bottom of this page! Thanks for stopping by today and good luck shopping!

Editor’s Pick:

Maine “Rocking Dory” Boat

maine-dory-rocking-boat-girl-2The Maine Rocking Dory takes a nautical spin on the classic rocking horse. These hand made rocking boats are an excellent addition to nautical themed nurseries or playrooms. Children will enjoy hours and hours of active time rocking back and forth on this high quality piece. Learn more about Maine Rocking Dory Boats here.

Crocs Character and Themed Footwear

crocs for a gift ideaEverybody loves Crocs shoes, especially kids! While the original Crocs shoes where a huge hit with parents thanks to their versatility, a variety of new “themed” Croc designs and styles have increased the appeal of Crocs to children as well (Shop Now for Huge Savings!). Crocs are a perfect gift for virtually anyone on your holiday shopping or birthday list. Our children loved their Lego themed Crocs we bought them last year and this year our son absolutely loves his “Spider Man” Crocs with glow in the dark eyes. Crocs even come in fleece lined versions to help keep children’s’ feet warm during the cold winter months. Free Economy Shipping on All Orders Over $60 at!

Inexpensive Gifts Under $15:

Princess, Fairy, and other Enchanted Wall Decals ($15+):
When we repainted our daughters’ room recently, I contemplated trying to paint the Disney Princesses on the walls. Thankfully, our friends at “Fathead” have a new line of Disney themed life-size wall murals of each child’s favorite Disney, Hello Kitty, and Nickelodeon characters! Older kids are probably more familiar with Fathead’s line of sport and action figures, but this new line of wall decorations is sure to be a hit with the younger children as well! You can order these awesome gift ideas through the Fathead website.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks ($10):
After 3 years of use, this set of stack-able blocks is still one of my four year old’s most used toys! These blocks help develop the child’s hand-eye coordination while providing them a means to exhibit their creative building talents. Even more entertaining for the kids is knocking the large tower over when the blocks are all stacked up!

Musical Water Globes and Music Boxes

newborn baby and 1 year old gift ideasIf you’re looking for an heirloom quality water globe or “snow globe” for a newborn or young child, check out our friends at Music Box Attic offers a huge selection of snowglobes and water globes for children and adults of all ages. They also have jewelry boxes and other great personalized gifts. They can even custom manufacture a music box with a song of your choice! Free Ground Shipping Coupon from with code “fs100”! Shop with us Today!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Floor Easel

gift ideas for 3 year old girlsWe have 3 kids of our own and it can sometimes be very hard to find something that everybody wants to play with. We bought our Melissa & Doug Floor Easel 6 years ago and it is still going strong! This stand up art easel is perfect for kids between the ages of 2 and 8. The unit has trays to store art supplies (markers, paint, chalk, etc.) and has both a dry erase board and traditional chalkboard. It is a little pricier than some of the other wooden floor easels alternatives, but you’re not going to find any that match the Melissa & Doug brand for value and durability. Sale Save 20% on Melissa & Doug Wooden Easels! Now At!

Don’t Break the Ice ($10):
This is one of my family’s favorite games and is a perfect family activity for kids ages 3-8 (with just a little “help” my two year old is able to play as well)! In this “classic” game, two to four players take turns wielding plastic mallets and tapping out ice blocks. The goal is to keep the polar bear skating for as long as possible. But as the game progresses, ice blocks start falling faster and faster. The object is not to be the one that sends the polar bear through the ice.

Gift Ideas Between $15 and $25:

Melissa and Doug Sort and Snap Color Match
My two year old daughter absolutely loves this game! It is a cross between a puzzle and building block set. Toddlers will be fascinated and preschoolers will be inspired by this amazing color-matching and creative activity board. Ten reversible picture cards are held in place on a wooden play board when children place the snap caps in the holes. One side of the picture card is in color for matching. The reverse side shows the picture in black and white, allowing the children to create their own patterns and designs. This activity is great for color recognition, sorting, and beginning math skills, even has 3-D picture suggestions.

More Great Gift Ideas for Kids

Giant Piano Mat

piano mat
We’ve been looking for a good quality piano mat for our kids. We tried several cheaper versions that we bought off Amazon and other retailers but they just felt cheap and didn’t hold up. Finally we came across this Giant Piano Mat from the Sharper Image and it works great! Our kids love it and our 2 year old niece loves playing on it too! These mats usually retail around $90 but if you order directly through the Sharper Image, you can get Get Free Shipping on any order at $50 and over! Use code AFFRSHP..

Live Butterfly Garden ($16):
Witness one of nature’s most spectacular transformations up close with this reusable, collapsible habitat. This amazing kit includes easy-to-use feeder and complete instructions for habitat. This kit includes a voucher for 3 to 5 butterfly larvae and food (I would wait until spring time before ordering the actual larvae). You can adopt and raise a handful of caterpillars, watch them transform into painted lady butterflies, then lift the garden cover to release your beautiful specimens into the wild. This exciting habitat makes a fabulous introduction to the miracles of nature. The larvae and food available round the year.

The Original “Daddy Doll” ($25):
The perfect gift from the parent, grandparent, or other relative that will be away from a child for an extended period of time (military deployment, business trips, merchant seaman, airline pilot, etc.). “Daddy Dolls” allow you to take pictures of yourself (or someone else) and have the image scanned into a doll for the child. I had one made for each of my children (ages 2, and 4) and they absolutely love them! You also have the option of recording a message for the child that they can listen to by pushing a button. For more information, or to order a “Daddy Doll” click here.

Flying SeaHawk Ceiling Mounted Airplane ($19):
This is the perfect gift for the boy or girl who loves airplanes! I bought this exact airplane for my 4 year old daughter in the Houston, TX airport on the way home from a business trip. She loved decorating the body of the airplane with her own “princess” stickers! The plane dangles from a ceiling mounted swivel and propels itself 360 degrees around the room. This is a can’t miss gift selection! Order this gift today from Amazon by clicking here.

An Original Ugly Doll ($20):
Call it a fad or a hot trend, one this is for certain…boys and girls love these “ugly” dolls. According to the manufacturer: “Uglydolls are plush, lovable characters that show us that being ugly means accepting our differences and embracing our flaws. Uglydolls also have a great sense of humor and know how to have fun”. These crazy guys come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles so you’re sure to find the perfect one to compliment the boy or girl on your shopping list!

A Custom Made Puzzle with the Child’s Name ($25):
Children love to see and spell their names and absolutely adore these puzzles! Each puzzle piece is handcrafted, painted with non-toxic paints and sized just right for children’s busy hands. Also check out our new 2 name puzzles. Any one of these “Made in USA” customized name puzzles make a great Personalized Baby Gift. You can order these puzzles online through You Name It Toys.

Solar System in My Room ($24):
A perfect gift for the junior astronomer on your shopping list. Now you can explore the wonders of the solar system right in your own room. Just look up at your ceiling and watch as all nine planets orbit around the light-up sun. Listen as the audio CD takes you on a fascinating tour of our solar system. Use the included light-pointer to locate each planet and make comets and meteors streak through the sky.

Great Gifts Between $25 and $50:

Nursery Farm Bath Towel Wraps ($29):
These towels are great for younger children and our 2 and 4 year old girls love them! Best of all, you can have the child’s name stitched into the towels as well! Very cool! L.L. Bean used to sell something similar to these towel but I don’t see them on their website anymore. Instead, you can order these directly from the Pottery Barn Kids website.

Cool Gifts Over $50:

Wheely Bugs! ($67):
One of our childrens’ all time favorite toys (we have the bumble bee and ladybug models). The bright and friendly design of these “buggies” is an instant attraction to girls and boys alike. They go backwards, forwards, sideways, and round and round. Children don’t get stuck against obstacles like some other ride on toys. They are great to use on smooth level floors and ideal for indoors. Wheely Bugs are constructed for years of fun and are sure to become an heirloom toy. We highly recommend this toy!

Leapfrog Junior Explorer Globe ($99):
With a simple touch of the “magic” pen, the world opens up with fun facts, foreign phrases and regional music with this Junior Explorer Globe by LeapFrog. Four modes (Explore, Music, Search the World Game, Adventure Raps) teach about our oceans, continents, animals, landmarks, compass directions, foreign languages and more. Other features include on/off switch, volume control and a repeat function.

Personalized L.L. Bean Rocking Chair ($109):
Parental supervision suggested for children under 3! These rocking chairs are just too cute not to include in our list of gifts for boys and girls! These adorable “first rocker” has slightly curved armrests and a comfortable, contoured seat. Solid hardwood with interlocked joints. Even better, these items are made in Maine (my home state!). You can order one of these chairs through the L.L. Bean website.

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