Best Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

We continually update this page with the hottest gift ideas and trends for 12 year old girls. If you have a great gift idea for this age group please feel free to share it using the message form at the bottom of this page! Thanks for stopping by today and good luck shopping!

Inexpensive Gifts Under $15:

Magazine Subscriptions:
The gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Consider buying the teenager on your shopping list a subscription to a magazine focused on one of their interests (beauty, gossip, news, outdoors, etc.). Most monthly magazine subscriptions centered around these themes can be purchased for less than $20. You can order magazines online through each magazine’s respective website, but I would just buy a single copy of the magazine at my local book store and wrap it as a gift after I filled out the subscription card inside.

Liberty Bottle Works ***Water Bottle*** ($12-17):

The perfect gift for the active teenager! I had never heard of Liberty Bottle Works Water Bottle until my buddy’s band had a bunch custom printed to sell at their shows (check the Pete Kilpatrick Band if you get a chance). Naturally, I bought one after hearing a funny story about the band and one of the sales reps of the company. Without a doubt, these bottles are the most durable, unique and well engineered water bottles I have ever had the pleasure of drinking from. Forget the lame old Nalgene and Sigg bottles that have been tainted by “BPA” issues. Liberty Bottlework bottles are “Made in the USA” and come in a variety of different colors, designs and sizes. You can even have them customized printed like my buddy’s band did to promote your own organization!

Gift Ideas Between $15 and $25:

iTunes Gift Certificates
iTunes Gift Certificates are a versatile and inexpensive gift to give the 17-18 year old boy on your shopping list. Cards typically come in $10, $15, $25, and $50 denominations. There is also a “3-pack” of $10 cards you can buy to split if there is more than one teenager on your shopping list (you could also keep one for yourself!). You can buy iTunes gift cards at Target, Wal-Mart, and most major supermarkets (usually at the checkout counter areas).

The Gift of Carbon Neutrality:
What do you give to the earthy, environmentalist teen on your shopping list? How about giving the gift of Carbon Neutrality? With carbon offset certificates from TerraPass, you can effectively offset the amount of “carbon” you release into the air from your normal everyday routine (driving, eating, heating your home, etc.). When you purchase a carbon offset from TerraPass, the money is then invested in a sustainable energy technology such as wind, tidal, solar, or hydro power making the world a better place all in the name of the teenager on your shopping list! There are a variety of carbon offset packages to choose from including “symbolic” purchases of 1,000lbs carbon offsets for $5.95.

16GB Flash Memory “Thumb” Drive ($19):
Teenagers these days are experts with computers. They download an incredible amount of information off the Internet and store virtually all of their music on their computers as well. Unfortunately, this data takes up a tremendous amount of space and it can be really tricky to transfer data from one computer to another. Flash Memory “Thumb” Drives are very handy and make transporting documents, music, or other electronic files a breeze. Trust me, you can never have too many flash drives to store information. A 16GB flash drive can be purchased on Amazon for less than $20.

Great Gifts Between $25 and $50:

An Authentic L.L. Bean Backpack ($39):
In New England (and especially in my home state Maine), receiving your own L.L. Bean back pack (with your initials stitched in the front pocket) is a right of passage for children entering junior high and high school. It is not uncommon for these backpacks to stay with the kid through out his or her college years as well. Best of all, L.L. Bean backpacks come with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee. If the child on your shopping list wears the backpack out, they can simply send it back and get a new one! You can order L.L. Bean backpacks directly through their website here.

Manicure or Pedicure Gift Certificates:
Girls love being pampered and a relaxing pedicure or manicure can be the perfect indulgence! Consider a gift certificate to a local beauty salon or spa in the girl’s local area. Pedicure and/or manicures typically cost between $25 and $35 each and make a great gift for the teenage girl on your shopping list!

Cool Gifts Between $50 and $100:

An Authentic L.L. Bean Sleeping Bag ($59)
Yes I’m from Maine, and yes my in-laws work at LL Bean headquarters in Freeport, ME, but that doesn’t stop me from making an unbiased recommendation of an L.L. Bean sleeping bag as a great gift for an active boy or girl! I literally grew up in one of these bags! Whether crashing on friend’s living room floor during a slumber party, or camping at a remote campsite, a good quality sleeping bag (especially one from L.L. Beans) will stand the test of time and keep the boy or girl in your life warm and cozy no matter where they end up sleeping! If you’re not lucky enough to live by an L.L. Bean retail or factory store, click here to shop for L.L. Bean sleeping bags online.

Awesome Gifts Over $100:

iPod Touch from Apple, 4th Generation ($214):
Chances are good the teenager on your shopping list already has an iPod or similar music listening device. So why take the chance and buy a new 4th generation iPod Touch as a gift? In addition to a virtually limitless number of down-loadable applications and games, the real game change for the new iPod Touch is the built in cameras. iPod Touch captures video with two built-in cameras. It shoots amazing HD 720p video from the back camera. And with its advanced backside illumination sensor, it captures beautiful footage even in low-light settings. All while the built-in microphone records conversations, music, or any audio at the same time. And on the front of the iPod touch, the built-in camera is perfect for making FaceTime calls and shooting self-portraits. It’s surprising how much fun can fit into something so small. You can easily purchase an iPod Touch through Amazon by clicking here.

Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Starter Package ($125)
Although it may seem intimidating, learning to play basic song structures on the acoustic guitar is achievable by almost anyone. This Starcaster® by Fender® Pack delivers a great-sounding dreadnought acoustic guitar and all the essential accessories a starting player needs! Accessories include strings, picks, a strap, a tuner, a gig bag and an instructional DVD. This is very similar to the package I learned to play on! You can find a similar package at most local music stores in your area, or you can order it for a great price through Amazon by clicking here.

Portable DVD Player for the Car ($115):
Unless the kid’s parents went all out and bought an expensive luxury vehicle with a built-in DVD player and multiple screens, chances are the child (or children) on your shopping list will appreciate this DVD system from Phillips Electronics. Dual screens make this a win-win for the recipient’s brothers or sisters too. Factory DVD systems can cost over $2000 on some makes of vehicles. Today you can purchase this complete system through Amazon for only $115.

Sporting Event or Concert Tickets:
Another excellent gift idea for teenage boys and girls is to purchase tickets to see their favorite sports team or music group. Of course it wouldn’t be fun to go alone so make sure you purchase at least two tickets so the recipient can bring a friend (or maybe even you)! Finding out what her favorite sports team or music group is shouldn’t be too difficult. Even if the game or concert is sold out, you should easily be able to find tickets from online ticket brokers like StubHub and AceTicket.

Nikon Digital Camera D3000 ($499):
You don’t have to be an aspiring professional photographer to enjoy the ease of use and quality results of a decent digital camera. Three years ago I bought my wife a Nikon D40x and to date she has taken over 25,000 pictures with the camera. These cameras are durable, easy to use, and they will easily grow with the skill level of the user. The new D3000 is an equally impressive model targeted at beginner photographers who demand high quality photos with easy to use features. When you give the teenager on your shopping list a high quality digital camera, you’re not just giving a gift, you’re opening the door to an exciting and rewarding hobby! Save time and money by ordering this camera through Amazon by clicking here.

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