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Editor’s Pick:

Lego Compatible OYO Mini Sports Figures!!!

oyo minifiguresAre you looking for Lego compatible sports figures to go with all of your Lego building blocks? OYO Sports Save 15% Off – Use code: SAVE15OYO

If your family is like ours, you probably haven’t had much luck finding Lego brand building block sets with NFL, MLB and NHL athletes.

The reason you haven’t is because Lego does not own the rights to create all of these different players. Those rights belong to our friends at OYO Sport right here in New England (yes, we’re from Maine so we have a little bit of New England pride going on here). To see some of these great Lego compatible athletes in action, check out the video below and take advantage of our special pricing agreement—> OYO Sports Save 15% Off – Use code: SAVE15OYO:

buoy bat1The Original Buoy Bat and Ball Set: As you may have guessed by reading some of our recent blog entries, we absolutely love nautical themed gift ideas! One of our recent favorites is the Buoy Bat and Ball set from Buoy Sports, LLC based in Maine. These amazing bats are made from real lobster buoys which provide a nice large “sweet spot” on the bat making them very easy for children of all ages to participate. The bats are also gorgeous to look at and can be custom designed too! You can find Buoy Bats and other great nautical gifts directly from Buoy Sports, LLC online.

Inexpensive Gifts Under $15:

Money Soap ($10-$60):
This is probably one of the most clever gifts I’ve seen in a long time! Not only does it encourage kids to wash their hands and take baths more frequently, it also makes a great gift! You can order Money Soap in $1, $5, $10, $20, and even $50 denominations. Soap is scented with a pleasant “pear/green apple” smell. This gift will serve as a great “gag” gift for older kids and adults too!

High Quality Die-Cast Car Models

gift ideas for teenage boysOlder boys and teenagers can be difficult to shop for when it comes to Christmas and birthday gifts. However, while most of them have outgrown traditional Matchbox and Hotwheels style cars, most teens and teenagers love these high quality decorative 1/18th scale die cast car models for displaying in their rooms. We’re talking high quality models with exceptional attention to detail available in some of the most popular models including Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, and even the Dodge Charger “Hellcat”. One of the best places to find these high quality die-cast car models is through our friends at the The Auto World Store.

Duct Tape Arts and Crafts Kits for Boys (DUCK TAPE):
duct tape activity for boysWhether you call it duck tape or duct tape, one of the most popular new arts and craft genres is creating masterpieces out of the many new duct tape colors and pattern options available on the market today including camouflage, sports teams, superheroes and other great themes boys love . If you’re looking for a quick, original, and relatively inexpensive gift idea. Pick up a few roles of duct tape at your local home improvement or arts and crafts store and bundle them up with one of the many books available on creating artwork and accessories out of duct tape. As an alternative to buying a book, there are many great websites and blogs dedicated to duct tape art with great how to instructions for various projects (wallets, costumes, swords, animals, etc). You can simply print out a project or two off the website and include that in your gift basket.

Magazine Subscriptions:
The gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Does the boy on your shopping list have a particular hobby you’d like to support(sailing, boating, ATVs, sports, hiking, camping, etc.), consider buying them a subscription to a magazine focused on one of their interests. Most monthly magazine subscriptions centered around these themes can be purchased for less than $20. You can order magazines online through each magazine’s respective website, but I would just buy a single copy of the magazine at my local book store and wrap it as a gift after I filled out the subscription card inside.

Gift Ideas Between $15 and $25:

Remote Controlled Fart Machine

While this gift selection may not be the most appropriate gift, you’re guaranteed to be the hit of the birthday or Christmas party with this great gag gift for boys and girls. The remote controlled “Fart Machine” features 15 distinctive fart sounds which can be activated up to 100 feet away with the included remote control. This gift is perfect for both kids and adults (just don’t let them bring this little device to school!!!). You can purchase these remote controlled fart machines directly from Walmart’s website here.

Model Rocket Kit by Estes ($24):
If the boy on your shopping list lives (or has access to) a wide open area, we highly recommend giving him a model rocket kit from Estes. Building your own rocket is fun, and launching it is even better! This kit from Estes includes two easy to assemble model rockets built with a cardboard body tubes and plastic cones. One rocket can fly up to 600 feet high and the other an amazing 1150 feet high. Pre-assembled plastic parachutes automatically deploy and allow the rockets to safely return to earth. Illustrated assembly guide and detailed launching instructions included.

iTunes Gift Certificates
No matter what their age, boys and girls love music! iTunes Gift Certificates are a versatile and inexpensive gift to give the 12 year old boy on your shopping list. Cards typically come in $10, $15, $25, and $50 denominations. There is also a “3-pack” of $10 cards you can buy to split if there is more than one person on your shopping list (you could also keep one for yourself!). You can buy iTunes gift cards at Target, Wal-Mart, and most major supermarkets (usually at the checkout counter areas).

Guinness Book of World Records ($17):
If nothing else, Guinness World Records 2014 serves as a great reference for the adventurous boy. Who hasn’t thought they could be better than anybody else at stacking golfballs, doing sit-ups, or eating raw oysters? Armed with this reference book, the ambitious youngster on your shopping list will have a new benchmark to work towards (just be thankful the editors have removed the most dangerous records such as “sword swallowing” and “holding your breath under water”).

Remote Control Helicopters!!!

best place to buy remote controlled helicoptersYou’d be amazed at the bang for your buck when it comes to buying remote controlled helicopters. These helicopters give the operator full control over the flight of the helicopter from take off to landing and some even come with tiny mini-cameras allowing the operating to take fun photos. There are many great places to buy these great helicopters. Our friends and AirsoftRC has one of the largest selections on the internet and if you act this week Remote Control Helicopters on Sale

TIMEX Ironman Wrist Watch ($28):
Looking for the perfect gift for an active boy? The Timex IronmanWrist Watch Model T5E931 is definitely worth a look. All watches are not created equal, and this watch by Timex is as stylish and “cool” as it is functional. In addition to the standard alarm, stopwatch, and lap counters, this watch incorporates the Timex Flix system, which activates the Indiglo night-light with a simple flick of the wrist. To activate FLIX, put the watch into Night-Mode by pressing and holding the Indiglonight-light button 3 seconds until it beeps. With the watch in Night-Mode, a forward “flick” of the wrist with a sharp “stop” will activate the Indiglo night-light for three seconds.

An Authentic L.L. Bean Backpack ($39):
In New England (and especially in my home state Maine), receiving your own L.L. Bean back pack (with your initials stitched in the front pocket) is a right of passage for children entering junior high and high school. It is not uncommon for these backpacks to stay with the kid through out his or her college years as well. Best of all, L.L. Bean backpacks come with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee. If the child on your shopping list wears the backpack out, they can simply send it back and get a new one!

A Good Quality Wallet ($25):
When I was a teenager (I can’t remember the exact age), my grandmother gave me a Nautica Walletfor Christmas. That wallet withstood 12 years of abuse and was a faithful accessory to my person through thick and thin. Naturally, when the time came to get a new wallet, I once again went with another “Nautica” wallet (perhaps there was a sentimental connection between the brand and my grandmother). With that said, a good quality wallet is essential to the young man in your life and will serve him well for many years to come! I’m sure there are other great wallet companies out there as well, perhaps when my current wallet wears out (10 years from now), I’ll give another brand a chance.

A “Cool” Sweatshirt, Shirt, or Other Clothing Item:
Although they probably won’t admit it, most 12 year old boys want to look “cool” for the ladies! Now remember this is “cool” from their perspective (not yours!). If you don’t want to go the gift card route, Urban Outfitters has an excellent assortment of “pre-teenager approved” sweatshirts, shirts, pants, hats, shoes, gloves, and other accessories. You’ll need to use “a little bit” of judgment such as what sizes to get, but you can rest assured that most of the styles found in this store (or online) will be “acceptable” to the teenage boy on your list. Other popular stores for this age group are Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle.

Cool Gifts Between $50 and $100:

Celestron 21061 AstroMaster Telescope ($59):
Boys love exploring the world around them and this high quality and inexpensive telescope from Celestron will open up even more exploration possibilities to them. This easy to use telescope has a higher quality image than some models costing four times as much! The AstroMaster Series produce bright, clear images of the Moon and planets as well as the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. With so many great features and such an inexpensive price, you may end up wanting one for yourself too!

An Authentic L.L. Bean Sleeping Bag ($59)
Yes I’m from Maine, and yes my in-laws work at LL Bean headquarters in Freeport, ME, but that doesn’t stop me from making an unbiased recommendation of an L.L. Bean sleeping bag as a great gift for a teenage boy or girl! I literally grew up in one of these bags! Whether crashing on friend’s living room floor, or camping, teenagers are always “crashing” in unpredictable places. A good quality sleeping bag (especially one from L.L. Beans) will stand the test of time and keep the teenager in your life warm and cozy no matter where they end up sleeping! If you’re not lucky enough to live by an L.L. Bean retail or factory store, you can shop for L.L. Bean sleeping bags online.

Leatherman Wave Multi-Purpose Tool ($70):
Depending on how “responsible” the 12 year old may be, you might consider giving him a cool pocket knife. This tool (some might call it a pocket knife) has come in very handy for me over the years. I work on commercial ships and this knife has been a life saver (literally) on more than one occasion. It is especially handy if the teenager on your shopping list enjoys boating, hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting. I love the Leatherman Wave so much that I bought one as a gift for each of my groomsman as a thank you gift for being in my wedding. You can even get the tool engraved with the recipient’s name or initials. You can find these tools in most major sporting good stores.

Awesome Gifts Over $100:

Jensen Model Steam Engine ($129):
Adult supervision required! For the aspiring engineer, you can’t go wrong with this amazing working steam engine. This solid brass and nickel plated steam engine is perfect for learning more about mechanical energy, motion and the way “things work”. The steam engine runs on steam pressure made by heating water in a boiler just as water is boiled in a tea kettle.

Portable DVD Player for the Car ($115):
Unless the kid’s parents went all out and bought an expensive luxury vehicle with a built-in DVD player and multiple screens, chances are the child (or children) on your shopping list will appreciate this DVD system from Phillips Electronics. Dual screens make this a win-win for the recipient’s brothers or sisters too. Factory DVD systems can cost over $2000 on some makes of vehicles.

Lego’s Creator Series:

lego shipLego’s Creator line is targeted at advanced Lego builders (Ages 7 and through adult). There are some truly amazing things you can build including a Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Bus, the Sydney Opera House, and even a Maersk Container Ship comprised of over 1500 pieces! There are so many great Lego kits to chose from, you should have no problem finding something of interest to the person on your shopping list.Free Shipping on Any Order!

Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Starter Package ($125)
Although it may seem intimidating, learning to play basic song structures on the acoustic guitar is achievable by almost anyone. This Starcaster® by Fender® Pack delivers a great-sounding dreadnought acoustic guitar and all the essential accessories a starting player needs! Accessories include strings, picks, a strap, a tuner, a gig bag and an instructional DVD. This is very similar to the package I learned to play on!

Sporting Event or Concert Tickets:
Another excellent gift idea for boys is to purchase tickets to see their favorite sports team or music group. Give them an “experience” instead of a material gift. Of course it wouldn’t be fun to go alone so make sure you purchase at least two tickets so the recipient can bring a friend or maybe even you! Finding out what his favorite sports team or music group is shouldn’t be too difficult. Even if the game or concert is sold out, you should easily be able to find tickets from online ticket brokers like StubHub and AceTicket.

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