Top Christmas Gifts for Tweens: 2017 Edition

Slime Kits / Slime Books:

slime gift ideasIn case you haven’t noticed, slime is becoming a big hit with kids again.  Making slime is a very easy way to keep kids occupied for hours at a time.  There are a variety of great slime books available.  If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could print out a slime recipe on the internet, purchase the slime ingredients, package it all up and give it as a gift.  TIP:  Don’t forget to buy a few containers to store slime in and keeping it from getting all over the house (trust me on this one).


narwahl squishyWhat are Squishies, you might be asking yourself?  Squishies are super fun, “squishable” trinkets that kids love to collect and trade with their friends.  Ranging in size from small gumball sized characters to much larger basket ball sized items, squishes make great inexpensive gifts for the 11 year old girl on your Christmas shopping list.

“New” Smart Phone:

glitter cell phone caseEvery 11 year girl is getting to the point where she wants her own phone.  The dilemma, or course, is whether or not it is appropriate for an 11 year old girl to have her own phone in the first place.  Having a phone is a BIG responsibility and one that must never be taken for granted by both the child and her parents.  The good news is you probably already have an old phone lying around the house that you could give her.  Just buy a pretty new phone case (the more glitter and sparkle the better) and she’ll never be the wiser.  You can typically add another line to your existing cell phone plan for $10 to $15 per month.

Fit Bit (Activity Trackers):

fit bit watch for kidsPhysical exercise is very import.  Especially in an age of smart phones, computer games and other sedentary activities.  One great gift idea for 11 year old girls is a “Fit Bit” activity tracker.  Fit Bits are very popular with girls in the 5th and 6th grade.  Our daughter loves setting activity goals for herself and “challenging” her friends to see how many steps they can take in a day.  Note:  Fit Bit is a brand name of activity tracker, but there are actually several great brands are just as good and a lot less expensive.  Our daughter bought a cool activity tracker from “Justice” and works just fine.

Bath Bombs:

bath bomb gift ideaNever heard of a bath bomb?  You’re not alone.  We’d never heard of them either until last year when our daughter(s) received a bath bomb as a Christmas gift last year.  Think of a bath bomb as a giant Alka Seltzer tablet that dissolves into a wild and crazy colored bubble bath extravaganza.  They come in a variety of different colors and fragrances and some even have specs of glitter.  One word of caution, bath bombs do leave a ridiculous amount of residue in the tub after the water is drained out.  Make sure you rinse off the residue from the sides of the tub before it drys into a crusty mess.

Justice Gift Cards:

Justice_logoYes, we know.  Gift cards aren’t the most personable gift idea; especially when it comes to your own kids.  However, we’ve found that “Justice” a lot of fun things that our kids just can’t resist.  From tiny little puppies with leashes, to yummy candies and overstuffed pandas, your daughter will love the experience choosing her own gift(s) in the Justice store.

Fidget Spinners:

girl fidget spinnerWhile fidget spinners have been around a few years now, they’re still as popular as ever when it comes to 11 year old girls.  The good news is fidget spinners are more widely available now then they were a few years back, and you can [literally] find them in just about every mainstream store in your local area (gas stations, supermarkets, box stores, etc.).

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty:

thinking putty 2017Another staple of our annual Christmas gift ideas for 11 year old girls list is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.  Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is now available in a variety of different colors, textures and smells.  There’s even glow in the dark thinking putty now.

Emoji Pillows (and related accessories):

reindeer poop emoji pillowAnother popular Christmas gift idea in 2017 are “Emoji” inspired gifts.  For instance, our daughter loves her rainbow poop emoji pillow that Santa gave her for Christmas last year (it’s held up great and still looks like a fresh pile of poop).  She also has emoji themed PJs and blankets too.