Fidget Spinner Popularity Continues to Grow

What is it about those simple triangular fidget spinners that has caused them to become so popular?  Some folks say fidget spinners are a fad, while others suggest they’re here to stay due to their ability to help keep kids occupied during prolonged periods of inactivity (without needing an iPhone or other electronic device).

fidget spinner 2017 gift guideIn either case, fidget spinners are single-handedly dominating toy sales in virtually every age category in 2017.  As with most product cycles, manufacturers are introducing a variety of new models offering something for everyone.

Fidget spinners are even being branded with super hero, sports teams and political themes making them an especially collectible toy heading in to the 2017 Christmas Shopping season.

Though we’ve tried to understand the craze surrounding fidget spinners, we still find it hard to believe that of the top 10 toys being sold on Amazon by volume, 6 of them are an iteration of the standard 3-spoke fidget spinner.  There are even apps you can download that are themed around these fidget spinners (I know because my daughters have downloaded several on my phone).

Unfortunately, many schools have started banning these fidget spinners due to being cited as a classroom distraction and possible safety concern.  Several studies are underway to help determine whether or not the contentment provided by these devices to students actually helps them to learn (similar to the way doodling can help some students retain information better).

In any case, we don’t see the popularity of fidget spinners dying any time soon.  They’re available to purchase virtually everywhere (including gas stations, supermarkets, major retailers and online).  Fidget spinners are sure to be one of the top Christmas Gift Ideas of 2017.