What to Buy a 7 Year Old Boy for Christmas

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for a 7 year old boy, be sure to check out our 2016 Holiday Gift guide.  We offer a variety of great gift ideas for 7 year old boys including many educational toys and games.  We also offer a dedicated gift idea section geared exclusively to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts in our 2016 STEM Gift Ideas for 7 Year old boys.

7 Year old boys love anything that has to do with Lego building blocks.  Some of the most popular Lego sets for this age group include Lego Pirates and Ninjago. But even a basic Lego Expansion kit will be more than sufficient to keep a 7 year old boy occupied during the Holiday Christmas parties.

Another popular gift idea for 7 year old boys is the slightly inappropriate “Farting Putty” by FLARP that makes unmistakable farting sounds as the putty is pulled in and out of a container.  Its not the most becoming toy for a 7 year old boy, but it certainly will entertain him.

Looking for something a little more wholesome?  7 Year old boys love anything to do with insects, snakes, dinosaurs and spiders.  Satisfy their curiosity with a fun bug exploration kit including nets, habitats, digging trowels, etc.  You can make your own bug exploration kit or buy one of the many kits that are available in stores and on the internet.

For more information on finding the perfect Christmas gift for a 7 year old boy, check out our 2016 Christmas gift guide here.  Happy shopping and Merry Christmas.