What to Buy a 5 Year Old Boy for Christmas

Are you looking for a Christmas gift idea for a 5 year old boy?  Don’t worry, our 2016 Christmas gift guide for 5 year old boys can help.  There are so many different toys, books and games it can be hard to find the perfect Christmas gift, especially if you don’t know exactly what the boy is into.  Our gift recommendations will help ensure your gift brings hours of enjoyment to the child on your Christmas shopping list and makes their Christmas as magical as possible.

Some of the highlights of this year’s gift recommendations include several inexpensive toys and games.  One of the biggest sellers this year has been the popular “farting putty” or FLARP as it is sometimes called.  For less than $1.00 these mildly inappropriate play dough canisters create “entertaining” sound effects as the putty is pulled in and out of the container.  Trust me, 5 year old boys and girls are going to love this gift (adults will love them to).

Another popular gift idea for 5 year old boys are Orbeez or Jelly Beadz bouncing balls.  These cool little beads expand from a millimeter in diameter up to ¾ of an inch when submerged in water.  Kids love growing these bouncy balls and enjoy playing games with them as well.  For less than $5.00 you can buy a bag of more than 20,000.

Other popular gift ideas for 5 year old boys include anything that has to do with bug collecting, Pokémon, ninjas and “spooky” Halloween costumes.

Check out our 2016 Christmas gift guide for 5 Year Old Boys for our complete list of gift ideas.  Good luck with your Christmas shopping.