Top Christmas Gift 2016: Orbeez and Jelly Beadz

Orbeez and Jelly Beadz are another top gift pick for the 2016 Christmas Shopping Season.  Not only are Orbeez and Jelly Beadz fun to grow and play with, they’re inexpensive and make excellent Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and party favors.

Orbeez, and their competitor Jelly Beadz, are tiny little beads of color that expand unbelievably into full size colorful bouncing balls.  Kids love watching these beads grow before their very eyes (8 hours to reach maximum size) and then playing with them.

Orbeez and Jelly Beadz Christmas 2016

Before and after of Orbeez and Jelly Beadz water absorbing bouncy ball beads.

The beads grow into a variety of beautiful translucent colors that make amazing centerpieces by themselves.  In fact, they look so beautiful that you might want to actually eat them.

Our kids love dumping bowls of them in our shower and bathtub and watching them bounce and dance all over the place.  There’s so many things you can do with these gifts that the possibilities are nearly endless.

Warning: While Orbeez and Jelly Beadz are non-toxic, we do not recommend you eat or swallow them.  Pay particular attention to children under 4 years of age when playing with Orbeez.  If you do swallow Orbeez or Jelly Beadz be sure to consult a medical professional (most likely the bouncy beads will pass through your body anyway but its always good to be safe).

Our 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son love these cool little beads and we highly recommend Orbeez and Jelly Beadz water absorbing bouncy ball beads as birthday party favors, stocking stuffer ideas and Christmas gifts.