Nintendo NES Classic Edition Prices Soar on eBay

As forecast in our Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2016, the Nintendo Classic Edition gaming console is quickly becoming the hottest Christmas gift for 2016.  People are reselling unopened NES Classic Edition gaming systems online  on eBay and Craiglist for 1000% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $60.


Since the release date of the NES Classic Edition on November 11th, we’ve seen units sell for over $600 with eBay’s “buy it now” price.  Average prices have steadied out around $300 in most eBay listings we’ve seen.  We’ve also heard reports of the NES Classic Edition selling for $1,000 at some used video game stores in the Boston and New York areas.

“It’s simple supply and demand”, says Garvin Holder, a senior gaming analyst at Gift Ideas for Kids.  “Nintendo planned a limited supply of these first run NES Classic Editions, in part we believe, to generate additional buzz for the product.”

Nintendo is expected to release additional gaming consoles in time for the Christmas shopping season but we’ll see if they’ll be able to match the demand for the hysteria they’ve created.  For more information on the hottest Christmas Gift Toys and Christmas Gift Trends, make sure you bookmark our site.