Farting Putty Surprise Hit on 2016 Christmas Lists

Flarp “farting putty” my not be the most appropriate party favor or Christmas gift idea in 2016, but it is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the kid “who has everything”.

Farting Putty 2016 Christmas Gift IdeaWe first heard about Flarp farting putting from our 10 year old daughter who’s 5th grade classmate brought out a container of the putty in the middle of science class and succeeded in disrupting the class for the next 10 minutes as the teacher tried to regain control of the class from the hilarity that ensued.

The putty is similar to Play-Doh or Aaron’s Thinking Putty although it is a little “runnier”.  This runny consistency is what allows it to make farting like sounds when pulled in and out of its plastic container.  Our 5 year old son, 8 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter think this is “the greatest stuff ever made”.  At only $1 per container, Flarp farting putty also makes a great inexpensive gift idea for Birthday party favors.  Your kids will love these!

As I mentioned, this may not be a particularly appropriate Christmas gift idea for your kids to bring to school but it make an excellent stocking stuffer and is sure to bring hours of entertainment value to your Christmas get together.