Black Friday Madness 2016 Edition

Are you ready for Black Friday?  The 2016 Black Friday weekly sales fliers are in the mail and people all over the country are going through their Christmas shopping lists and planning the perfect Black Friday shopping route in order to get the best deals.  What’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line on Black Friday?

2016-black-friday-dealsFor many, Thanksgiving has become a formality with the real holiday action picking up on Friday November 25th.  But who has the best Black Friday deals?  Who has the best prices on Samsung TVs, Legos, video games and sneakers?  We’ve got your covered and will help you find the best deals during the 2016 holiday shopping season.  We offer expert advice on gift ideas for toddlers, middle schoolers and teenagers for both boys and girls.

The logistics that goes in to planning the Black Friday activities can sometimes be more challenging than actually getting up at 2:00AM for the big “door buster” sales at Target, Walmart, Sears or Macy’s.  Who’s going to watch the kids while you go Black Friday shopping?  Is it OK to leave your kids home alone while you go black Friday shopping?  The recommended age for letting your children stay home by themselves varies from state to state, but in most cases it is a judgement call by the parents.  You might find it OK to leave your 8 year old home by his or her self.  Other parents may cringe at the thought of leaving their 13 year old alone.  The call is up to you.

Black Friday shopping has become a family tradition for many families.  Mothers and daughters and fathers and sons find the lure of Black Friday deals too hard to resist.  Other folks would rather stay home and avoid all the trouble content with paying more or finding similar deals online or during other non-Black Friday sales days.  Every year, there is more and more of what I like to call “Black Friday Creep” where the Black Friday deals start extending well beyond the actual Friday after Thanksgiving.

Regardless of your preference, Gift Ideas for Kids offers you advice on finding the perfect gift for the kids on your 2016 Christmas Shopping list.  Save time and money by planning your Black Friday shopping route today.  Our Christmas gift guides for boys and gift guides for girls can help!