Educational Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

Are you looking for an educational gift idea for a 9 year old girl who loves science, technology, engineering or math?  Educational “STEM” gifts are an excellent way to encourage and promote intellectual curiosities in young minds.  Not only will your child learn something new (or reinforce a passion they already have), educational gifts can also be a TON of fun for the whole family.  Whether you’re shopping for your daughter, niece or other family member or friend, here’s a list of educational gift suggestions for 9 year old girls.  Read More: 2017 Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope – MFL- 06

STEM gift ideas for girlsIf you’re looking for a gift for an 9 year old girl that loves exploring the world around her, we highly recommend this great microscope from My First Lab.  The microscope is exceptionally easy to use and has amazing optics for seeing every detail of each specimen placed under the lens.  Our 9 year old daughter loved using this microscope on a variety of simple household items in the kitchen when she first opened the box.  She was simply amazed at how cool even the most basic things looked under the microscope’s powerful magnification.  The best was when she placed a dead ant on the lens to examine it, she was fascinated with what she saw.  For a more formal scientific experience, we highly recommend buying a set of prepared microscope slides as well.  You can get a great starter pack of 25 or so slides with a variety of different specimens for less than $15.  Trust me, if your daughter loves science, she’s going to love this microscope.

Break Your Own Geodes

stem gift for daughter9 Year old girls are naturally curious about the world around them.  One of our daughter’s favorite gifts last year was a “Break Your Own Geodes” kit she received for a Christmas present.  As you may know, Geodes are those cool rocks that are hollow on the inside and lined with various color crystal formations.  I’m not sure what our daughter enjoyed more, smashing the rocks open with a hammer or admiring the cool crystal formations on the inside.  Either way, she absolutely loved breaking open her very own geodes and we highly recommend this gift for anyone shopping for a young girl who loves science.

A Good Quality Metal Detector

metal detectorAnother great educational gift idea for 9 year old girls is a quality metal detector.  While often overlooked, metal detecting or “treasure hunting” is a great family activity and a great way for teaching boys and girls about a variety of different topics including metal properties, geography, geology, ground sedimentation, and even local history.  It’s fun digging up old coins and toys around older homes, beaches and other areas of interest (make sure you  have the property owner’s permission first).  Our daughter loves guessing what is buried in the ground when we receive a “ping” on our metal detector based on the data on the metal detector’s screen (metal type, depth, etc.).

Build Your Own Rocket Kits

model rocket kitBuilding rockets is not just for boys!  Our daughters love helping me build and launch rockets into the sky.  Building and launching rockets is a great way to learn about aerodynamics, material strength, gravity, and a variety of other topics.  Just make sure the person receiving the gift has a responsible adult to help them and access to a wide open field for launching the rocket!

Live Butterfly Garden

Real Life Butterfly GardenThis is one of the coolest gifts our daughters have ever received.  This great gift idea allows you to watch the amazing transformation as butterfly larvae transforms from a caterpillar to a full grown butterfly.  Over the years we’ve watched this process unfold several times and each time is just as amazing and astonishing as the time before.  It is a great gift idea for the boy or girl who loves nature.

Snap Circuits: Electronic Experiment Kits

snap circuits gift ideas for kidsThis amazing science project kit comes with everything you need to easily build over 300 amazing electronic devices and experiments.  As the name implies, Snap Circuits utilize patented button snap wires, resistor and other electrical components that “snap” together with no messy wire terminations or soldering required.  Each experiment is presented in easy to follow step by step directions and includes an explanation of exactly what each component in the experiment does.  It is a great way to learn about the flow electricity and the capabilities of various electrical circuits.  Our two daughters (ages 7 and 9) love this great gift.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our educational STEM gift recommendations for 8 year old girls.  Good luck with your gift shopping!